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Bean bag toss and A-Hole game


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How much fun are corn hole bean bag toss games? Unfortunately it is mostly an outdoor game. We have the latest thing in indoor entertainment. It's called Boss Toss A-Hole because its shaped in the form of an A. Indoor or outdoor its a pretty cool game. This brand new game is sweeping bars, restaurants and households throughout the country. The game is portable, easy to learn and challenging. Starting at $289.00 depending on customization.
   Hand crafted in the USA. Commercial quality with a 1 year warranty. Up to 8 players or 16 two player games. Hang from a wall or place on a table.     
 Each game includes: 4 Throwing bags, 1 wall mount cleat, 1 throw line sticker, 1 plug in power supply with 12 foot cord and 1 remote control 3M lighting system. Standard backboard showed.

Customize your own bean bags and your backboards 

 This is just a sampling of how to customize your backboard.